Volume 6 is available!

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The latest issue of In the Land of the Living's Journal of Anarcho-Primitivism and Christianity is now available! Click on the journal link to the right to download it or view it online. 

Radical Sustainability, Beyond Green Capitalism: Anarcho/a-Primitivism, Feminism and Christianity in Conversation for an Endangered World in ABQ, NM

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In April 2011, Members of the Trinity House Catholic Worker and the “In the Land of the Living Collective” in  Michigan are organizing a symposium with Ched Myers, John Zerzan and Layla AbdelRahi to be held at the University of New Mexico. This symposium will continue an ongoing dialogue between people of the Judeo-Christian faith and those interested in Anarcho-Primitivsm who—although seemingly different—are mutually invested in the survival of the earth and healthy cultures.

Having a conversation about environmentalism and a radical critique of the dominant culture in a public sphere, where it can be documented will surely be an important event and we are deeply interested in having a biblical perspective incorporated.  Ched’s ability to stare unflinchingly at the darkness of the culture and explore what responsible biblical action means in the face of it sets him apart from most theologians and writers. His analyses help Christians who hope to be part of the solution, instead of the problem. Christians have a long history of violence, oppression and justifying vast environmental irresponsibility. We believe that conversations such as this, where prophetic Christian voices are being heard outside of the church setting, contribute to the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth and encourage folks around the world that Christians are relevant to creating environmental and social change.

John Zerzan and Layla Abdel Rahim are leading theorist concerning the civilization critique. They will be in conversation with Ched Meyers about many different issues. Is civilization sustainable? What can we learn from the tribal Jewish past? Can Social Ecology and Christianity work together?

When: April 1st  5:30pm and 2nd  3pm,2011

Where: UNM-Student Union Building 3rd floor

Rooms: Fri-LOBO a/b Saturday: Mirage/Thunderbird

Contact: or 215-820-3444

Sassafras Moon Rewild Camp

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Sassafras Moon Rewild Camp
Southwest City, Missouri
April 8-10, 2011
Max of 75 attendees; 
RSVP required at

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A Couple Things: Land of Living on Anarchy Radio, and October Event!

posted Sep 4, 2010, 12:05 PM by Andy Lewis

Following the recent Roots of Resistance conference in Portland, some of the folks involved with Land of the Living drove down to Eugene to be on John Zerzan's radio show. Click here to listen or download the show.

Also, there will be a one-day gathering in Evanston, IL (right outside Chicago), on Tuesday October 12th with theologian Ched Myers. Ched will be presenting on the connections between green anarchy and Christianity; we're still working out the details of the presentation. There will be plenty of time for discussion (which is sorely needed due to all the developments with these topics over the past year or so).
It will be at Reba Christian Fellowship in RoomC 535 Custer Ave. For more info contact Andy at 

Audio from 2009 Conference is available!

posted Jul 29, 2010, 9:37 AM by Andy Lewis

Many of the talks and panel discussions from the 2009 anarcho-primitivism and christianity conference, Gathering Around the Un-Hewn Stone: Biblical Explorations of Nature, Civilization, and Feral Faith, are now posted and available for download. Check them out in the 'conference audio' section to the right.

journal articles are up

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Since some of the pages of the journal are difficult to read in PDF form, we decided to upload most of them directly to the website. Go to the essay section to see what's up so far! If anyone has any articles they would like to contribute to the site, or to future journals, email us:

Sassafras Moon Rewild Camp

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Sassafras Moon Rewild Camp
Southwest City, Missouri
April 8-10, 2011
Max of 75 attendees; 
RSVP required at

Volume 5 is up!!

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Hey friends,

Volume 5 of In The Land of the Living is available for download.  Soon we'll be putting all the individual essays from Vol. 5 on the site in the 'essay' section to make them more easily readable online.

There will also be copies of the printed journal available for purchase at the Anarchism and Christianity Conference in Portland early August. Hope to see you all there!

Volume 4 is up!

posted Oct 14, 2009, 1:33 PM by Andy Lewis

Volume 4 for is up! Download it and give it to all your friends. Volumes 1-3 will be up shortly.

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